War movie teaser released, busted action Hrithik VS Tiger


For a long time, people were eagerly waiting to see Bollywood’s ‘Greek God’, the famous actor Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff together on the silver screen. Everything from titles to themes to the movie was kept hidden so far. But now Yash Raj Films has made a furore by releasing this huge Upusking film, “Chunus Teaser”. The film has been named ‘War’, as well as its release date has also been released.

The film’s teaser was released a while ago. In which Hrithik and Tiger’s Hollywood style action is enough to increase the beats of people. This 52-second teaser is so strong that action lovers are going to increase the restlessness of the film. Seeing the clips that are coming out, the budget of the film is quite understandable. Look at this fuso teaser …

The teaser is so liked by the people that in a little while the film has seen more than 48 thousand people. This number is increasing rapidly every moment. It would not be wrong to say that this film is about to give a lot of dosage to Bollywood fans and action. There is also Vani Kapoor in this film and it is ready to be released on October 2.

Talk to Tiger about the film recently, “I am filming with Hrithik Sir, it is something that can not be created without each other. The exact sequence and combination and the correct script meet It’s rare that both of us have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability in their own way. ” Siddharth Anand, the director of this action thriller film.


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