Serena Williams gets hot poses in latest shoot


The worlds most popular tennis player Serena Williams, who is on number 10 these days got a hot photo-shoot for her fans in summer. Some photos were published on her official Instagram account.

Serana Williams’ stand in sea water wearing a blue underwear, covering her body with a scarf.

Shows her ample assets in black and white swimsuit.

It looks like a photo in her bathroom wearing a sports bra nd covering her underwear with a transparent cloth.

Taking rest before swim in a blue swimsuit flashing her sexy thighs.

Workout time in yoga pants or leggings flashing her breast in sports bra.

In a black swimsuit taking her selfie on a yacht.

Uncovering her personal life from her bathrooom ina white towel which covers her body.

On side of swimming pool in blue bikini flashing her booty and back.

In a black bikini shows her heavy ample assets.

Wearing a leopard print swimsuit flashing her booty.

Workout time – shows her abs wearing a sports bra and leggings.


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