Govinda get trolled on rejecting ‘Avatar’! Funny MEME viral on Social Media


Govinda, who is known as Bollywood’s Dansig Star, has stumbled over the leg of Hollywood blockbuster ‘Avatar’ by saying that it is now trolling on social media …

Bollywood’s ‘Hero Number One’, Govinda, has said that the Hollywood blockbuster movie ‘Avatar’ has hit the foot on its feet, now it is being trolled on social media. Now angry with Govinda, his fans and social media users are sharing several types of MEMEs.

Recently in a TV show, Govinda took the veil from the rule that he left the film of James Cameran, the world’s favorite avatar, because he did not have the time to complete the film in 410 days. Since then, Govinda is on the target of social media users. See some tweets …


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