Ever Wondered how does pouring a liquid mirror looks like? Watch the video


Hello there, I’m Gavin I’m Dan we’re the slow mo guys a lovely sunny day. So we’re gonna mess about with some liquid metal.
Yeah, we got some gallium here. It’s just.
Do you know you expect something to be much lighter than it is?
I thought it was gonna be like water and I had to lift more than I thought feel heavy days. Oh
Yeah. Yeah, so gallium is a
Metal it melts at a pretty low temperature looks almost exactly like mercury, but won’t kill you as much
Yeah, unless you’re made out of aluminium. Oh and it would kill you. That’s true it like melts aluminium
It corrodes it to crumbles. Yeah, so similarly to what we did with the paint on the speaker
We’re gonna try it with this gallium because I think it behave quite differently. Yeah should just look like a load of liquid mirror
Yeah. Yeah, and it is a lot heavier than paint. No, so I’m wondering how it’s gonna look on the speaker
Why don’t we turn on the Phantom’s and have a little look? Yeah. All right. This is so weird. Oh
The thud of it thuds down doesn’t it it’s like globbing look at how globby is
You look like a DJ of science
science science
Okay start low and I’ll increase the volume in and we’ll see what you want. Okay top. So pay attention. Yeah
More than that
Whoa, it gets so much brighter
That’s hurting my eyes
When I
Was a bit worried there cuz it win huh? It’s not working. So I turned the volume up and tried again
He’s been blah blah blah blah as you as it was full flying up in the air
I was looking at this and I was like how much of this is aluminium? Oh goodness me
Look at this
What is happening like that has got to be a compression nightmare for YouTube. What is going on? It looks like
Evil, it looks like aliens
Okay, maybe what they should have done to the t1000 is vibrate him to death
To this
Maybe do you sound guns on him?
Can you imagine if you try to simulate this with a computer?
Just all those infinite reflections reflections reflecting reflections. I
Think the GPU would just melt it’s just like it’s just a hot mess
It’s so hard to see depth than like what is what is that?
It’s it was almost like we’re shooting on a monochrome camera. It looks 2d
That’s really weird
Again I still don’t really know what I’m looking at
Let’s Bible emoji. Unwatchable video. Yeah. Okay. Yeah little solder balls. Yeah
I’m just like it’s like I’m like rolling up bogeys of
gallium into like bigger bogeys look
So sighs but you have no idea look
Like a cross between like silver and milk
It has like a skin on it of slag that you have to sort of wipe off with this slag removal
It doesn’t like slack though. Just like wipe it clean
And it has a nice fresh mirrored
It’s so satisfying to do that by the way. Yeah, that might be the most gallium I’ve ever seen in one place
When we started filming today was the most gallium I’ve seen in one place. I’ve never seen gallium before
See it was like that’s a lot of gallium turn on the speaker. It was a very hard to weekend sons right there
It’s like someone’s using their watching class, you know, and you’re like twist it around. It’s like
Let’s try a nice pour
Okay ready, yeah go for it
You know, it’s quite quite a good one. Yeah
Excellent. Hey you feel that? Yeah, good boy. Oh
Shit. I tried to grab you
Ready yep, so I predictably focused just in front of that
Lip, it does come out. Oh look at that shine there
You see the camera in the reflection of that
I think you can’t you can see like the trees and the sky has probably seen me three sons. They’re tournament it
That is mad that
definitely how the
T1000 was born it it is he must have been cast just like this looks like one is being made. Oh, it looks like Oh
Weird, it’s quite thick. Do you know when the t1000 is transforming into like a different shape?
But yeah, it looks like that they were really accurate with that back in there
Oh, look whose lens flares rippling off in a it’s very cool
And it’s like slowly sort of globbing into the bowl at the bottom there
Yeah, I like how the stream gets thinner and thinner as it goes down
And then it turns into like a torrent at the bottom look at that
Look at that on the right hand side there where it’s all bouncing up
Maybe we should go in in tight on that area and just get one one more pour just from like in the bowl
Yeah, yeah, it’s do it. Three two one
Looks like the mood it does. I don’t know
Okay, such a weird sight. Whoa. Oh wow
That’s weird. They look like diamond double-up hair. That was like a plumb bob from The Sims. Whoa
That’s amazing
Looks like something out like from Krypton in Man of Steel. Yeah
I’d want to
Reverse it and see what it looks like – like looks like it’s sucking up all the energy weird the way it breaks up
differently to water like that’s too heavy for air to get under so it stays is like
Cones, that was a cool bit. It’s just not really bouncing
It’s sort of just falling into it’s just it’s just like really heavy water
Yeah, it’s all like kicking out in the middle of it. And now it’s cuz it’s deeper. It’s like because it’s so heavy
It’s forcing all the other stuff to the side. It makes these weird
Ripples coming out. It’s like all the horizontal ones then you get this vertical and it’s sent out
I’m pouring it slightly forwards because that’s the nature of pouring. You can’t just pour directly down initially far away
So it’s creating all these like shooting forwards all this Govs. That’s just
Creating little giblets that I’m always a big fan of filming liquid, but weird liquid is even better. Mmm
You excited about this. Yeah, I really am. Oh
Look at that like creme. Oh
A mirrored surface. Look at that. Yeah, that’s me. Like oh I
Bunched it. I can honestly film this material all day
Okay, you may have seen this in the background of the video so far we thought it’d be a good idea to wreck this drum
Goodbye, sweet drum, but see if we can get a good hit from underneath looks just like when we did that powder paint
Yeah, except the powder paint weighs a lot less than you know metal
Yeah, so I’m gonna pour it on here and obviously we’re in back garden
So it’s not even completely level so it’s gonna be like deeper over here than it is over here
I’m gonna have to go underneath the drum skin with a spanner try and hit it and hopefully we’ll catch
most of it in this
Child’s paddling pool. Yes. All right. Probably only get one shot of this. All right
So the first test is to see whether the drum can even hold
This much liquid got some pulling to the back give me to tuck you in
Okay, go for it Oh
a little bit of rain
See how it sends it all out to the sides and it hits
That’s so different
You know everything else with partners it’s because the drum isn’t level, right?
So the where you’re seeing it ripple to and then bounce up is the edge of the actual liquid. Yeah
I was deliberately focused on the front edge because I wanted to see all those spikes in focus you see them all raised up for
The front end. Oh
It ripples out and then it like bounces back in
Yeah, so that’s what it looks like to hit the sheet of liquid metal underneath
I think I could look at liquid metal all day. Well not all day, but maybe
20 or so minutes before I got bored. I can’t even look at it now. It’s right there it
Here, I guess the only thing to do now then is to scrape this gallium back into a container
I think we’ve still got enough because I want to use that again in future. That was that was amazing
It’s pretty sweet. If you enjoy watching liquid metals bounce all around
Let us know in the comments. Feel free to subscribe
Whack that picture of a bell for some reason and we’ve got a second
Shout out to see you in the next video. You gonna get a wicked tan. I am sure
Be like five minutes on a Sunday, you know when people have that like chimera. Yeah. Yeah just have gallium


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